What clients are saying about therapy
"Therapy helped my son and I talk openly for the first time in a safe and comfortable setting. I am a better person for it. I understand myself and others more. The experience improved my relationships and my quality of life."
"I felt supported and understood. I could just be myself and drop my guard and talk about anything. Having this kind of trust in a professional was helpful. I could relax and take a good, honest look at my life without feeling stressed and defensive."
"My wife and I are beginning to understand what it means to be married. When we got married, we were so young; we had no experience being married, and very little life experience as adults. We are working through issues and problems and listening to each other. We used to blame the other to protect ourselves from getting hurt. Once we understood our interaction, we were able to improve it."
"Dr. Cox helped me understand how my need to seek approval was rooted in my desire to please others. Before therapy I did not understand how this need was formed and shaped out of my family of origin. As a result of this learning, I feel more confident about who I am."
"Before being in session with Dr. Cox, I did not give myself permission to just be me. I had all this judgement about what it meant to be a man and how weak I was if I ever showed emotion. As a result, I stuffed my feelings without realizing how tied up I was. Talking about my issues in therapy helped me to feel better. Now, I do not feel so alone and misunderstood."
"Therapy was a learning and growth experience. I used to question how talking to a stranger could help. I did not understand the benefit of talking to a professional about things that bothered me. Dr. Cox showed me how when we are too close to ourselves and our problems, we cannot see them. Talking to him helped put space and distance between me and my issues, and doing so gave me greater internal control over what used to bother me. I am not so reactive to others and am not afraid of what they think or feel about me."
"Being with Dr. Cox helped me to realize that being mad and upset was OK. Therapy was the only safe place in my world where I could freely express what I was feeling without judgement and this freedom was powerful."
"Therapy taught me the value of honest, open, healthy relationships. I sure never learned this from my parents or in school. I feel so much better."

How is therapy helpful?

Most clients who commit to and actively participate in these services find they feel less stressed, less troubled, and more at peace with themselves.
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