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I work with men, women, students, and couples. My approach to therapy is client centered. I treat the whole person, not just a symptom profile of the person. Results from my work include symptom reduction and clients feeling more confident and focused. Clients also report not feeling so tied up internally, thus freeing them to be more alive and present, thus increasing quality of life experience.

I treat anxiety disorders related to relationship issues, separation anxiety, test taking anxiety, public speaking anxiety, phobias, and general anxiety and worry. I also treat PTSD, panic disorders, OCD, and social anxiety. I work from a perspective that is focused and strategic, combining principles of systems theory, cognitive theory and EMDR.

David Cox, LLC
David K. Cox, Ph.D., LMHC
(352) 378-3000
Thornebrook III, Suite D-4

2830 NW 41st Street

Gainesville, FL 32606



Focusing On:
  • Therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Relationships
  • Trauma & Loss Recovery
  • Performance
  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal Growth
  • Emotional Eating
Dissertation published on personal belief systems and readiness factors related to achievement of mental health and counseling performance objectives


Invited to partcipate as a vendor at company's health fair, discussing the health benefits of therapy to employees; topics included how therapy can improve general mental health and wellness, how meditation can enrich your life by reducing stress and negative thoughts, how therapy as a positive and supportive relationship can help clients feel better, and how couples can benefit from therapy to improve communcation, resolve conflict, and increase relationship satisfaction.
Community Service --- Nine workshops provided on meditation as a technique for stress management; participants learned about various styles of meditation practice, as well as mental, emotional, and physical benefits to meditation.
Consulted with staff on how to improve safety among middle school students while advising students on how to improve peer relations, inside and outside of school.
Worked with staff on improving performance related to increased communication, conflict resolution, team building, while providing seminars and strategies on coping with emotional eating, body image, and self-esteem. Seminars also provided on improving wellness and happiness to hundreds of people
Presented to City Attorney’s office on stress management, leadership and conflict resolution
Provided consultation strategies to improve employee retention
Extensive training related to leadership, group performance and group function in the workplace

I Always Try to Create a Difference

I bring a wide range of experience to help my clients feel better.
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