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Usually clients commit to six sessions before they make progress and start to change.
By helping you identify and becoming engaged with your goals while helping you develop a plan to achieve what you wish. Some clients wish to change their thinking, others want to feel better about themselves, while some are focused on performance improvement or some aspect of enhancing their relationships: improved communication, becoming a better partner, or feeling more alive while learning to handle negative emotions from their partners in relationships.
Sometimes, some clients may actually feel worse before feeling better but often this feeling can be a sign that your are starting to grow and develop in a new direction; pain often accompanies change because we are doing something new and not used to feeling this way. A good example is the person that begins a new exercise program and hurts due to using old muscles in new ways; a similar process occurs with the mental and emotional aspects of performance that can accompany goal achievement. If you want to be happy, you have to earn it.
I work mostly with adolescent and adult males, targeting improved performance in areas of business, academic and athletic achievement. I also work with couples and women to improve the quality of their personal lives and relationships, focusing on wellness, health, improved communication, conflict resolution, and stress management. Essentially I wish to know what and how your possible negative beliefs about yourself influence how you think, act, and feel toward yourself, others, and your environment and specifically, how your beliefs interfere with your achievement of personal goals and your overall self-esteem.

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Most clients who commit to and actively participate in my services find they feel less stressed, less troubled and more personally empowered to set and achieve positive personal goals.

Areas of Focus

When clients call to begin therapy, they are saying no matter what their presenting issue, they wish to feel better and want to improve the quality of their life. Dr. Cox specializes in the following areas:

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