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Improve staff retention, increase staff morale, and understand how group dynamics can undermine performance objectives at work. Deepen awareness around how leadership can be situational, influencing group structure and function.

My corporate and consulation experience and training provides companies a unique perspective on the internal and emotional aspects of group work life, how to make people feel more valued at work, how groups and human emotion and motivation intersect, and how to increase the role and value of work to people, on the job. Other corporate goals may relate to how to empower and motivate employees, how to better retain staff, along with understanding and improving strategies to meet employee and company performance objectives.

In addition, some companies may wish for consultation in areas of integrating different personality types on the job, how to avoid politics within work, improve job related hiring and interviewing procedures, or how to make human resources more available and friendly to all employee personnel. Further, much of my consultation experience is united around increasing staff morale and performance, to improve employer-employee relations, and helping all companies increase leadership, productivity and teamwork as a function of better understanding of people and their needs in the workplace.

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