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Feel less stressed, less troubled and more personally empowered.
Are your lifestyle choices interfering with the quality of your health and happiness? Are you in chronic illness or pain? Do you have difficulty adjusting and coping with the stress in your life? If so, do you feel unfullfilled and unhappy or that your potential for optimal performance is blocked and preventing you from higher levels of achievement? Or perhaps your mental and emotional needs are not being met and they pose a unique challenge to you?

If so, I can help you. Most clients who commit to and actively participate in my services find they feel less stressed, less troubled and more personally empowered to set and achieve positive personal goals.

Individual Therapy

When specific issues begin to cause distress and interfere with a person's normal activities, it may be time to seek therapy. Distress can manifest in the form of problematic beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and sensations in the body.
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Life Coaching

We all crave vibrant health, unique self-expression, meaningful work and fulfilling relationships. Yet, few of us know how to design a well-balanced, fully-expressed and deeply satisfying life.
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Couples Therapy

For the improvement and quality of their relationships and family, people have to become better people, they have to grow and change. Improve your communication and listening skills.
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EMDR Therapy

EMDR is a psychotherapy procedure that targets and changes negative, core beliefs that you hold about yourself. With EMDR you can achieve improved personal performance, satisfaction, and happiness.
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Corporate Consulting

Improve staff retention, increase staff morale, and understand how group dynamics can undermine performance objectives at work.
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Benefits to my services include:
  • Greater understanding of who you are
  • Becoming a better overall person
  • Improving the quality of your personal relationships
  • Improving your decision making, make better choices, learn to prioritize
  • Learn how to control your reactions to emotions
  • Learn how to manage stress and control your thought process
  • Experience yourself more positively
  • Achieve personal goals with vision, focus, discipline and action
  • Improve your self-esteem

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Feel more supported & less alone.
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