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We are all born into and from relationships. The more postive and supportive they are, the more healthy we become. Thus, experience therapy as a positive and supportive relationship. Learn and experience how relationships support human development and maturity. And discover relationships as a context for individual, personal growth.

In addition, explore the meaning of your relationships in your life. For example, what does it mean to a couple to be married and how might the meaning of their relationship change with the addition of children over time?

Learn how relationships influence us to become better people, for in order to have positive relationships, we have to attend to them, work at them, build them. Learn how you personally influence and impact others in postive or less postive ways, greatly contributing to how others perceive and treat you. Learn how all of us have some unfinished business left over from our families of origin that we unfortunately bring into current relationships. Finally, discover how feeling more supported and understood in therapy allows one to bring that new confident feeling of self into other relationships: with hobbies, with friends, with co-workers

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