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The word health comes from the old english word hale, meaning to be whole, thus being healthy is becoming whole. My philosophy in life coaching and therapy is to treat and focus on the client as a whole person. When that happens, over time, as the person changes, their symptoms and problems that brought them into treatment, can fall away, like an old, out-grown shoe.

As I mentioned in my Gainesville Magazine article that highlighted my practice, most people treat life problems as if they have a broken leg, but instead of treating the leg, they simply get a new crutch or develop a new problem to help them cope, by drinking too much, taking drugs, gambling, overeating, becoming a shopaholic, having an affair; my goal is to treat your leg or underlying issues to get you walking again in the right direction, so you can toss the crutch or old problems away.

When clients begin to move in the right direction, they begin to feel better as whole people, since they become more healthy. But it is important to be realistic, as client change takes time, commitment, and focus, along with a determined readiness to begin therapy.

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