Emotional Eating

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Despite medical consequences and weight gain, food issues can be very difficult to change, leaving clients frustrated, depressed and anxious. One reason for this is our relationship to food. If we use food to help us feel better, than food becomes more solution than problem. And if so, why then would we be motivated to change our relationship to food? In other words, food works for us, on some level to help us feel better or to distract us away from feeling bad; thus, food can be much more than just physical nutrition, food becomes a form of emotional eating.

But if we wish to change our relationship to food, we have to change ourselves first, and this means looking at what we gain from food, what we derive from it, and how we use it to distract us from what we are really feeling about ourselves, others, and our lives. Call me to learn more about the complexity of emotional eating. Discover how our relationship to food mirrors our relationship to ourselves. And finally, learn how emotional eating sets us up for problem/solution confusion, leaving us frustrated and not understanding why changing this issue during the upcoming holidays, or as a New Year's resolution, can be especially difficult despite our best intentions.

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