Conflict Resolution

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Understanding the nature of conflict helps to normalize it in relationships, whether at home or work. Since A and B are different but in relationship to each other, there will be basic differences beteween them, generating conflict. Thus, conflict is inevitable in any relationship; it cannot be avoided. But it is ironic in life that we are attracted by differences but this attraction is also the source of conflict between others and within us. Conflict signals our attention to listen and work together in order to move beyond it, thus building trust and confidence in ourselves and our relationships.

Married couples as parents are great examples of the necessity to work through conflict, as doing so they model this quality to their children. But if we have experienced too much negative conflict from our past, leaving us hurt and upset, we then have too much un- finished business in this area. As a result, resentment and pain can accompany current conflict that reminds us of past difficulties in this area. Experience therapy as a method to work through conflict, thereby experiencing the trust and confidence that comes with it.

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