Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety is a part of life and often comes with change and excitement, like talking in front of a group, or having to perform, or taking on a new job, or the novelty of a new relationship, but if it leaves you feeling unable to function or to enjoy life, you will need professional assistance to manage it.

Anxiety can be related to loss, conflict, general stress, intense emotions and experiences unprocessed from the past, unfinished business, future concerns, specific fears, personality deficits, performance issues and concerns, relationships, money, sex, parenting issues, lack of confidence in self and more. In addition, anxiety is common but disorders of the condition are not; call me and learn more how therapy can help you to manage, cope, and understand your anxiety.

Are you anxious or are you depressed? In the world of mental health care, where exact diagnosis dictates treatment, anxiety and depression are regarded as two distinct disorders. But in the world of real people, many suffer from both conditions. In fact, most mood disorders present as a combination of anxiety and depression. Surveys show that 60-70% of those with depression also have anxiety. And half of those with chronic anxiety also have clinically significant symptoms of depression.

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