Areas of Focus

Dr. Cox specializes in the following areas:

Stress Management

Why has modern life become so stressful? You don't have to feel overwhelmed. You can learn effective coping and cognitive strategies to help you manage stress.
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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship; it cannot be avoided. In life we are attracted by differences but this attraction is also the source of conflict between others and within us.
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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is common but disorders of the condition are not; call me and learn more how therapy can help you to manage, cope, and understand your anxiety.
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Feel more understood and more understanding of others. Bring that new understanding and confidence of yourself into all areas of your relationships and life.
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Trauma & Loss

Trauma often has powerful negative, mental and emotional consequences, as the experience can become stuck and left unprocessed due to its intensity.
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Health & Wellness

The word health comes from the old english word hale, meaning to be whole, thus being healthy is becoming whole. I focus on the client as a whole person.
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Personal Growth

How often do we protest, “It’s not my fault,” both out loud and silently in our hearts? Why do we hide our faults? And what if we quit protecting them, and started celebrating them?
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Learn to focus your mind to improve performance in areas of business, sports, school, or the arts. Unlock your potential, starting today.
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Emotional Eating

Despite medical consequences and weight gain, food issues can be very difficult to change, leaving clients frustrated, depressed and anxious.
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